How it started

Diamond J Horses is family owned. Richard and Dick Johnson are a father and son team that have been selling trail horses for several years together. “We only look for nice broke horses. We both prefer Palomino and Paints best!”

We buy ’em and work ’em on cattle in the mountains of Idaho and California.

“You will see that the training and conditioning we give to our cow horses speaks volumes!”

My father,  Dick Johnson is 80 years old and he still rides every horse we bring to the ranch,  so it’s very important that I find horses that are safe and gentle for him to ride.

In 2011,  my father, Dick Johnson passed away.  He rode his whole life of 84 years.  He loved his family,  friends, and his horses.  He had taught me many lessons in life.  First, he wanted to be treated fairly. And second, always wanted to deal fairly .  I would always buy horses that were gentle enough for my father to ride and I still do today.  We always want our clients to love their horses as much as we love ours.

My Fathers Horse Paycheck

Here at Diamond J Horses, we have always tried to find nice, broke horses. All of them get to spend time on the trail up and around the ranch, and are hauled all over Southern California. My father and I started this many years ago when I lived in Idaho full time and he was down in Southern California. I knew that I had to bring gentle horses down for him to ride and sell, because at that time he was in his 70’s. This is something we still try to do today. My father has since passed away, but I have always tried to find the ones he would have liked. Over the years we have countless number of horses. We started with trail horse , then sorting horses, cutting horses, rope horses , cow horses and the list goes on. But we would say that they needed to have four things: to be cute, gentle, quiet, and sound. Palominos and colored papered AQHA geldings were my favorite, with cute faces , good bone and feet with big butts . If you’re in the market for any types of these kind of horses, let me know . I have built relationships with breeders, ranchers, trainers and many horse people all over the west. If I don’t have it now, I may be able to help you find your next horse. Thank you for stopping by and Happy Trails! Richard Johnson