January 10, 2018 – Wickenburg, Arizona

Richard Johnson, Owner of Diamond J Horses is bringing his “Best of the West” Horse Sale on the road to Wickenburg this year…TWICE.

The first event starts on Friday, Jan. 19 with check-in from 1-3 p.m. Afterward horses will be available for preview, including test rides and roping runs, followed by a cocktail party where buyers and sellers will have a chance to meet and discuss the horses for sale.

On Saturday, Jan. 20, the sale-day previews take place from 9 – 11 a.m.  The horses will be ridden by their owner’s to demonstrate their abilities. Following the preview there will be a short break for buyers to meet the horses face-to-face before bidding begins.

“The buyers will have two chances to get to know the horses they are interested in and to make sure that it is a good match. Having a good match is more important than selling the horses for a lot of money. I try to give the buyers a chance to make sure they found the right horse,” stated Richard Johnson, owner of Diamond J Horses.